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Mantra For Removing Obstacles In Marriage
Mantra For Removing Obstacles In Marriage

Mantra For Removing Obstacles In Marriage

Mantra For Removing Obstacles In Marriage, Marriage is a significant milestone in a person’s life. It’s not just a milestone but a big decision. A decision which is going to impact the entire life further. And you take that decision very cautiously. There are many thoughts behind these decisions. There are feelings involved too. And you are the only person who knows what’s best for you. At least, in case of a companionship.

Mantra For Removing Obstacles In Marriage
Mantra For Removing Obstacles In Marriage

Therefore, if you are facing any obstacles to getting married, then it indeed is a big issue. Because you can’t change your partner the way, you move to another store to buy another cloth.

Obstacles could be from people: your parents, your in-laws, society, etc. Constraints could also be financial. You might not have been able to become so financially secure that you can get married.

Your career also could be the reason that you are not able to keep time aside. Maybe getting holidays from your work is not possible. Your business could be at peak so your business might need your time the most.

This is life. Anything can happen. Therefore, there could be any reason behind delaying marriage. But you don’t have to worry now. Because we have the best mantra for removing obstacles in marriage.

Mantra To Remove Obstacles In Love Marriage

You have to keep faith in God almighty, and this mantra has been proven to be very useful for hundreds of other people. There are many cases in which as soon as people used this mantra they immediately started preparing for the marriage. And they are happily married now.

Here is the mantra for removing obstacles in marriage for males:

‘Chand mund daitya mahshwaram aadi

Namami aham muchade sagaadi

Shanaishcharam mumb namam krishye

Charanam mude mukud chamadi’

There are multiple ways in which you can use this mantra. One of the most effective methods is that, the one which you should perform every Monday. Now Monday is professionally a significant day. You had to complete all the tasks which were remaining last week. Also, you need to start many new things.

Therefore it is sometimes difficult for many men to take out time for this ritual. But they say, medicine always is the way the disease is. So somehow you will have to to keep some time aside for this. So basically you need to perform in this ritual at the time of sunrise. Make sure you get up in the morning chanting this mantra. And you do not start your daily activities without singing at 18 times.

Ganesh mantra for removing obstacles in marriage

Now to get the best out of this mantra, you will have to visit a banyan tree if you could feed a cow on your way to the banyan tree, then well and good. So under the tree, you need to perform suryanamaskar. Only 3 and while doing it again, chant this mantra three times. And sit there. Start singing the mantra.

Don’t stop until you complete reciting it 111 times. You would already start feeling the power of it. It will boost your self-esteem. You will begin to feel fresh when you will open your eyes. You would generate a different kind of optimism about your marriage.

While returning home, gather three fruits of the banyan tree. At home, you have to peel them, take out the pulp. Mix some sugar in it. And serve this to any god at your house. In Hindi, it is called as ‘Prashad sadhana.’

Now, here’s the mantra for removing obstacles in marriage for girls:

‘Chamatkaram mom mahami tvam

Mumme me dabche kro tvam

Karishyami vyaham gund ni

Prasadam aashirvad maam tvam’

For this ritual, you will need the help of an already married woman. She could be your neighbor, your aunt, sister-in-law or anybody else. The rule is that it just should not be your mother or sister. You have to perform this on Friday.

Mantra For Removing Obstacles In Getting Married

Ask the other woman to dress as a traditional married woman. Green bangles, sindoor, and pallu covering her hair. The aura that this mantra and ritual would create will help you to get better results if you are already with a married woman. You need to get a white dupatta to cover your hair.

You will have to visit Mahadev shankara temple. Offer Mahadev shankara one and a half liter of milk. The other woman should perform it, and you have to touch the vessel. During this time you have to chant the mantra five times. After that, both sit there inside the temple. You are facing the god.

Mantra To Remove Obstacles In Married Life

Make sure all this time she has her saree pallu covering her head. And you have your dupatta over your head. You now have to complete reciting the mantra 100 times. You also have to carry a red color saree to the temple. It is considered a sign of a married woman. Do not put it in a bag. Just take it the way it is. Also, make sure it has as many fewer folds as possible.

On your way back home, give it away to any needy person you see. The basis of this ritual is to be as raw as you can. To make this mantra for removing obstacles in marriage, more effective, you can walk without footwear. As this ritual has to be performed on Friday morning, it is advisable not to eat anything before this.

Although this ritual doesn’t require complete fasting, you should consider it as a fast on that day. You can eat stuff that is permissible during fast. Thus, you have to continue this for at least 5 Fridays. Also, make sure the woman that accompany you should be with you all five Fridays. Even, you both should wear the same clothes on all five days.

Mantra for removing obstacles in marriage give here is derived from ancient Vedas. And it is rarely known to many. So, you know it, let it do wonders for you. Also, share this mantra for removing obstacles in marriage to other needy people. Let them benefit from it too. And do not forget to tell them the ritual that they should perform along with it

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