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Astrology Remedies For Unemployment
Astrology Remedies For Unemployment

Astrology Remedies For Unemployment

Astrology Remedies For Unemployment can be use for career and to et job immediately. If you want totka to get job fast then hassle free ask to our expert.

Astrology Remedies For Unemployment
Astrology Remedies For Unemployment

Unemployment, indeed, causes worry. However, astrological remedies overcome negativity effectively.

Thus, acquire these quick solutions;

  • Worship the planet ruling the 10th and the 6th house of your horoscope.
  • However, also worship the other planets.
  • ReciteHauman mantra.
  • Furthermore, pray to Lord KaalVairabh.
  • Do Shani Mantra japa 19000 times for 40 days.
  • Regularly worship Lord Shani or Saturn.
  • Collect 1 rupee each from everyone. Later offer them in a temple. Finally, donate them every new moon day for five years.
  • Visit any religious function. Offer service. Remember Lord Vishnu. Now, take a turmeric piece. Finally, throw it in a well on Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Again, plant a peepal tree in your home on a Saturday. Regularly offer water to it.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha. Offer betel nut.
  • Also, perform Rudra Abhishek.
  • Keep a dhaturekijad always with you.
  • On Saturdays, donate a buffalo. Replace it with black sesame seeds.
  • Fast every Saturday to please Shani.
  • Wear 14 Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • Apply saffron tilak on every family member.
  • Clean your house with rock salt water. Also, remove dust from the corners.
  • Wear a blue sapphire.
  • Keep the Northern wall of the home clean. Also, paint it lemon yellow. Now, place a full-length mirror.
  • Write the mantra of your preferred deity on 33 full scape papers. Use red ink. Write on both sides. Keep them at the deity’s feet in a temple. Seek His blessings.
  • Lastly, recite ShriDurgaArgalaStotra.

Therefore, you can witness great miracles shortly.

Remedies To Getting Job Immediately

Remedies To Getting Job Immediately, Astrological remedies are cost-effective ways to end your job-woes. Hence, you get a job immediately.

Accordingly, try these;

  • Offer boiled rice in curd to crows.
  • Recite Gayatri Mantra for 108 times.
  • MahaMrityunjay Mantra is equally essential.
  • Take water in a copper vessel. Add jaggery. Now, offer it to Sun early morning.
  • Also, regularly offer water to Shivlinga and Peepal tree.
  • On waking up look at your both palms.
  • Recite Lord Ganesha’sbeej mantra.
  • Worship Ganeshji’s trunk.
  • Fast every Thursday.
  • Wear yellow sapphire in gold, on the index finger.
  • Again, try 1, 10, or 11-faced rudraksha.
  • Take four pieces of lemon. Now, throw them in each direction of a chauraha. Later return home. Finally, repeat for 11 days.
  • Also, donate almonds on Sundays.
  • Additionally, recite ‘Shreesuktam’ 16 times daily.
  • Throw some jaggery sweets in a river.
  • Furthermore, feed banana to a cow every Thursday.
  • Worship Lord Vairabh.
  • Again, worship Saturn.
  • Worship your 6th and 10th house ruling planets.
  • Feed 7 types of cereals to birds.
  • Offer Gomti Chakra to Lord Shiva on Monday.
  • Also, pour sugarcane juice on Shivlinga.
  • Feed a disabled person.
  • Also, perform Hanuman ritual on Tuesdays. Apply red tilak from His right leg thumb.
  • Also, offer atta balls to fishes on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Ask somebody to sprinkle some whole green moong on you. Now, leave for the job. Later he should throw them outside.
  • Consider your zodiac.
  • Worship Shri Yantra.
  • Lastly, meditate on Devdutt chakra.

Thus, eventually, you will become successful.

Astrological Remedies For Career

Astrological Remedies For Career, There are some excellent astrological remedies for your career. You will undoubtedly benefit from them.

Accordingly, take a look;

  • On waking up, look at both the palms.
  • Every Saturday offer boiled rice with curd to crows.
  • Add jaggery to water in a copper vessel. Now offer it to Sun. Do it every morning.
  • Pierce 4 cloves in a lime. Now, take it in your right hand. Then chant Hanuman mantra for 21 times. Finally, keep it in your pocket.
  • Chant beej mantra of Lord Ganesha.
  • Worship KaalVairabh.
  • Furthermore, worship Shani.
  • Offer water and milk to Lord Shiva for consecutive 43 Mondays.
  • Also, gift Lord Shiva 21 Gomti Chakras.
  • Daily offer to Peepal tree.
  • Gayatri mantra and Mahamritunjay mantra are equally valid.
  • Flow some jaggery sweets in a river.
  • For 43 days also flow wooden charcoal in a dirty water body.
  • Donate almonds to the poor.
  • Also, donate coconut and urad dal.
  • Again, fast on Saturdays.
  • Take one spoon mustard oil. Now, do the traatak 108 times early morning.
  • Hold a silver object. Also, wear a red thread around your neck. Now, recite Sun mantra.
  • Eat a small amount of jaggery sweet every day.
  • Moreover, consider the zodiac.
  • Wear 8-Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • Feed fishes with atta balls on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Donate clothes and food to the disabled.
  • On Tuesdays pray to Lord Hanuman. Take a red tilak from the right leg thumb. Now, apply it on your forehead.

Thus, you will succeed in your career.

Totka To Getting Job Fast

Totka To Getting Job Fast, Despite hard efforts, you don’t procure a job. Apply astrological totka to get a job fast. It is a cost-effective solution to all your job worries.

You will undoubtedly benefit from these;

  • Offer sabut rice, sweets, and milk to Lord Shiva on Mondays.
  • Furthermore, worship a picture of flying Hanumanji.
  • Also, cut a fresh lemon into four pieces. Throw them in 4 directions. Or place them in a circle. Repeat for seven days. Finally, begin on Saturdays. Shukla Paksha or Amabasya is equally valid.
  • Insert four cloves in a lemon. Now, chant Hanuman Mantra for 108 times. Later keep it with you.
  • Offer gurchana to a cow before going for a job.
  • Again, take seven sabutHaldiganth, seven our pieces, and 1 rupee coin. Wrap them in a yellow cloth. After praying, finally, throw it on a railway track.
  • Recite Shani Mantra for 108 times. Continue for 11 days.
  • Feed birds seven types of grains.
  • Offer a red rose to Hanumanji. Begin on a Tuesday. Also, continue it for 40 days.
  • Ask your family member to sprinkle some whole green moong on you. After you leave for a job, he should throw them outside.
  • Keep a silver item with you all the time.
  • Wear the anantmool root in a red thread around your neck.
  • Place jaggery, black lentils, and blue flowers next to the Peepal tree. Do this every Saturday. Offer water to the tree.

Thus, you will fulfill your job-related goals. Eventually, you will prosper.

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