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Astrology Tips For Own House
Astrology Tips For Own House

Astrology Tips For Own House

Astrology Tips For Own House or astro remedies for purchasing own house will solve your question about when will i buy my own house astrology. If you want then we will provide you powerful mantra to get own house.

Purchasing your own house is a dream for all of us, but nowadays this only remains a dream for most of the people. While buying their own home, they face so many challenges, such as loan the issue, budget issue, location issue, etc. But we have some solution for such problems, today we are going to advise you or suggest some tips to buy your own house.

Astrology Tips For Own House
Astrology Tips For Own House

A person cannot buy a home if his/her Mars is weak and if he/she purchases the house then the person will not stay happy, and if the venue of a person is soft, then beauty cannot come to his/her house. Mars and Venus help to maintain the dignity of a home.

  • Astrology Tips For Own House

We are going to suggest some suggestions for your own house, which we are going to mention them below:

Donate stones, bricks, and other construction material to the worker who works in construction or to the builder or the temple. This spell will help you to maintain the dignity of your house with the help of Mars and Venus.

Donation is a good deed; it helps to improve your life and the position of your planets. As you know, with the help of sacrifice, one can achieve more than enough things in his/her life.

Collect a pinch of garbage or dust of your home while cleaning. Put the container of dirt in front of God until there is full moon day then throw that dust or trash far from your home or at a desolate place.

Powerful Mantra To Get Own House

Powerful Mantra To Get Own House, User those have to wish to build their own house or buy their own home or land, then this topic is for them. You can practice these mantras if you are not getting the victory of buying your own house.

There are times when people live on rent and wants to buy their own house or land. These mantras have the power to give you your own home or property or success. Tantriks also love these mantras; it removes all the problems from your life. They are straightforward to chant and practical as well.

  • How To Practice These Mantras

In front of a yantra, a mantra can perform. Tie the yantra in a red piece of cloth then lit a diya and an agarbatti in front of the yantra in material and offer your prayers to it. Keep a rosary counting beads mala or kamalGatta mala along with you and chant with it every day for at least one time in a day. The mantra for prayog is:

“Om glaum shreem annum mahyannam me dehyann adhipataye mamaannapradapay aswahashreem claim om.”

You will get success if only you will chant this mantra for 1000 times and then immersed that chanting mala into a flowing river.Sit in a calm and clear corner of your home on the first day of Navratri and start visualizing goddess Durga and recite this mantra:

Chant this mantra for 108times for at least four times a day and do this process for all nine days of Navratri and lit the dia or agarbatti in front of Goddess Durga every day.

When Will I Buy My Own House Astrology

When Will I Buy My Own House Astrology, It is a craving of the human being to have his/her own sweet and comfortable home. But it depends upon a person purchasing power. On the other hand, if we look through astrology point, then astrology gives us certain clues that when a person can buy his or her own house.

Some people apply for the loan and get the loan quickly, but on the other hand, some people are trying to get a loan from a prolonged period but do not get approved for the loan.

Also, there are some people whose application get rejected after many attempts, but on the other hand, there are people whose application got accepted at the last moment. This spell all happens due to Saturn or Mars.

  1. Saturn gives you the land or property, whereas the venue gives you the lavish house.
  2. There are various factors which are responsible for owning a house.
  3. Ascendant- fulfillment of wants or desires or wishes
  4. Second House- Inheritance, family, wealth
  5. Third House- Change of Residential Place, Transfer from one place to other
  6. Forth House- Property and home
  7. Eleventh House- Income
  8. Mars- Significance of Land or Property
  9. Saturn- Postponed, Cancellation
  10. Owing A House Combinations

If lord lagna is with the lord of the fourth house and then keeps in the benefit house, then the person may have the chances to own many homes

If the lord of the fourth house will disappear and parakrambhaava has Mercury in it, then the person may have the possibilities to own a beautiful home

Astro Remedies For Purchasing Own House

Astro Remedies For Purchasing Own House, Investing in land, house, or property is the best way for money securing. It not only guarantees your payment but also gives you profit as well; in short, it is the best source of increasing your cash.

But unfortunately, some people are not able to buy property due to the loan issues, document issue, budget issue whereas on the other hand some people face loss in the park and some become a debtor.

After all these things happen, there is a question that strikes in mind why is it happened and if this is not the right time to buy or own land or property then what the right time is? We have all the answers to this question, which answered in the astrology language

We can get the idea of our solution by reading our horoscope. Horoscope gives us the idea that what should we do or not. Now we are going to tell you how your horoscope describes you:

The most important thing is the planets. Based on our planets, we can determine our future. The inner worlds are Mars and Saturn; these planets can help you to buy your own house.

  • Week Saturn and Mars can also make you not to buy a property.
  • You can face problems related to the mars due to its negative direction.
  • Remedies
  1. Donate things to the needy people
  2. Do puja especially for the property
  3. Offer prayers to your favorable Goddess or God.

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