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Astrological Tips To Control Husband
Astrological Tips To Control Husband

Astrological Tips To Control Husband

Astrological Tips To Control Husband or remedies to attract husband can be use as ways to win husband’s love. Solve your Problems like how to control husband anger by astrology?

How Can I Control My Husband By Astrology?

Marriage isn’t just a relationship between two people. But it is also a union of two souls. The souls who promise to go hand in hand through the ups and downs of life. And like other areas of life, men tend to dominate women in their married life. Therefore, women often feel distressed and pressurized in this bond.

Astrological Tips To Control Husband
Astrological Tips To Control Husband

However, like any other problem, astrology has ways to solve this problem of marriage. In this article, we mention some astrological tips to control husbands. Also, we will share some great astrological remedies to attract husbands, astrological ways to win husband’s love, and how to control your husband’s anger by astrology. there is another solution to control your husband, it is really strong and effective called vashikaran mantra to keep husband in control.

Given below is an astrological mantra to control your husband. Chant the Mantra after waking up in the morning but before leaving the bed. Recite the Mantra 21 times daily. Try following this remedy when your husband is sleeping next to you or lying by your side. The energies emitting from this Mantra make their way to your husband’s body and let you know whatever is going in his mind or heart.

Kaaaamyaa Paati Vaashe Maaaanyaae Thaah, Vaashi Krey Paati Maaste, Hridye Daawe

Another powerful vashikaran to control your husband is take some Bilvapatras and dry them in the shadow. Now mix them with Kapila cow’s milk and grind it to make a paste. Put the tilak made from sindoor, Kesar, and gorochan with badam before going to your husband. By doing this totka, your husband will get hypnotized by you and will get under your control.

Astrological Ways To Win Husband’s Love

Astrological Ways To Win Husband’s Love, If you feel that your husband is going away from you or he doesn’t love you enough, you may feel shattered. Also, it may be possible that your husband is falling apart from you because of the gossip of other people. Therefore, here is a list of astrological ways to win the husband’s love or bring him back to your life. Husband and wife is a two wheel of a family, if one is get in problem then another is also not work, so use mantra for husband and wife unity and get husband love forever.

  1. Take some almonds and coconut and flow them in running water like a river or stream.
  2. Put some salt in water and clean the floor of your house during the saltwater.
  3. A pair of bangles made of gold or yellow bangles are sure to bring peace and harmony in your relationship with your husband.
  4. Take eleven Gomti Chakkars and keep them in Sindoor. Consequently, the love between you and your husband will increase. Also, there will be lesser disputes and misunderstandings.
  5. Refrain from cutting nails and hair on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Also, don’t wash clothes on these days.
  6. In astrology, the day of Friday is believed to be very promising. Buying clothes and jewelry for you and your husband will prove to be beneficial. Also, you can buy perfumes.
  7. Painting the walls of your room with pink color is a great astrological remedy to attract the husband. If not possible, then alternatively, you can tie a pink-colored thread on all the four sides of your bed.
  8. Sleep towards the south and east directions. Don’t hang any God’s image in your bedroom. Instead, hang a picture of flowing water on the opposite side of your sleeping direction.

These are some powerful astrological ways to win the husband’s love. Do these remedies with a pure heart and a clear conscience, and they will surely work in your favor.

Astrological Remedies To Attract Husband

Astrological Remedies To Attract Husband, A husband is the most important person in a woman’s married life. But if the husband remains distracted away and doesn’t feel intimidated by you, you may feel hurt. Therefore, we present you with a list of astrological remedies to attract husbands. Using these remedies will wipe out all the problems and break down all the hurdles coming in between you and your husband. To attract your husband you can use lal kitab remedies for husband wife problems.

  1. Worship the god of Shani. Also, you can visit Shanidev’s temple and worship him using mustard oil and nails.
  2. Women can pray to MaaDurga and wear a red saree with bangles as well.
  3. Wearing Lord Shiva Rudraksha will also help you in controlling your husband and getting his love back.

These effective astrological remedies to attract a husband will prove to be very beneficial for you. All you need to do is stay consistent with doing the remedies. Perform these remedies from the bottom of your heart and with the belief that they will work out for you.

How To Control Husband Anger By Astrology?

How To Control Husband Anger By Astrology? Men are generally short-tempered. Therefore, they become extremely angry about little things. Sometimes, this becomes very frustrating for the wife. Also, such short-tempered nature isn’t good for the entire marriage relationship of a husband and a wife. Hence, here are remedies to solve your query of how to control your husband’s anger by astrology. suppose any mistake done by husband and you want to realize it by your husband then use mantra to make husband realise his mistake, it will work without control your hubby.

  1. Northwest direction is a perfect direction to sit in a living room for a short-tempered person. Moon is the Lord of Northwest direction, will help you get peace of mind and harmony in life.
  2. A moon yantra should be displayed on the east wall of the living room to bring a balance of the mood and controlling anger.
  3. Fire is the element of Southeast direction. So, a short-tempered person must avoid sitting in that direction.
  4. Sleeping with the head in the south or east direction will help to get a calming sleep and hence make a person fit and happy at work.
  5. On the northwest wall of the bedroom, hang a portrait of white doves flying high in the sky. Keep in mind that there shouldn’t be any water in the painting.
  6. A bunch of peacock feathers must be placed in the northwest corner of the bedroom.
  7. Keep a pair of pure and clean crystal and a green agate crystal in your living room in its Southwest corner.
  8. Try to furnish your house with shades of pink, blue, green, peach, and off white color.
  9. A lamp lighting with green or white light induces soft emotions and helps to control anger.
  10. Chant, the given Mantra, is with your eyes closed and looking at the center of your head.

Om Hraimaa Naamahhaa

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