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Astrology Remedies To Get Pregnant
Astrology Remedies To Get Pregnant

Astrology Remedies To Get Pregnant

Astrology Remedies To Get Pregnant and tips for conceiving baby will given you answer about when will i get pregnant astrology prediction. We also provide you astrological reasons for not getting pregnant.

Astrology Remedies To Get Pregnant
Astrology Remedies To Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a woman. Conception is an intricate process that occurs due to cosmic powers. In ancient times kings and queens mated in specific hours on the advice of the court astrologers. Hence, taking Astrology Remedies To Get Pregnant is new. Moreover, it makes the journey smooth.

There can be several reasons for not getting pregnant. You can apply the remedies listed below to conceive a baby successfully.

  • To correct lack of energy coming from Venus and Jupiter, the couple should circle a Peepal/Bo/Sacred Fig Tree for a month, praying to Lord Ganesha. You can fast and listen to vrata-Katha every Thursday. You can also donate yellow items, like lentils and banana.
  • Fast on Purnima, offer white flowers to the Moon and donate white items like rice, sugar, milk, and salt. This cures hormonal imbalance in women. A man, on the other hand, can eat tulsi leaves and seeds for improving fertility. He should chant ‘om name bhagvate vasudevaya’ for 108 times.
  • You should not copulate on amabasya, shraadh, adhik mash, rikta tithi, solar and lunar eclipse.
  • The morning Venus hour is the best time for cohabitation.
  • Eat healthy, nutritious food but not in excess, especially before copulation.
  • Always sleep in the south-west direction for a healthy progeny.

As you can see if you follow one or all of these tricks faithfully, you can conceive a healthy baby without any difficulty.

Astrological Tips For Conceiving A Baby

Astrological Tips For Conceiving A Baby, Having a baby is the most beautiful experience for a woman. Conceiving at the appropriate time and taking precautions can help prevent any unwanted situation. The planetary positions greatly influence conception. You can seek astrological help for accurate guidance and remedies in trying to conceive a baby.

You can get pregnant with a healthy baby if you follow the tips mentioned below;

  • The best time to copulate is between 11:00 pm to 4:00 am.
  • Waxing moon or Shukla Paksha is ideal for sexual unison.
  • Copulate on Anuradha, shravan, hasta, moola, swati, shatbhisa, uttarphalguni, dhanishta, uttarabhadrapad, uttarashadha nakshatras.
  • After reciting the ‘ahirasi sutam’ mantra, the couple should unite on the bed.
  • The couple should wear clean white clothes before going to bed.
  • The man should ascend with his left leg while the woman should go to bed with her left leg first.
  • The woman should lie on her back while receiving the semen.
  • After copulation sprinkles some cold water on the woman’s face.
  • Counting from the first day of the periods, copulating on the even days (2nd, 4th, 6th) results in a baby boy and the odd days (1st, 3rd, 5th) bring a baby girl.
  • Avoid sex when the man goes for a haircut or any one of the couple suffers from dysentery or takes an oil bath.
  • The first three days of menstruation are not suitable for cohabitation.

As you can see conceiving a baby is no rocket science. Follow these tips faithfully for guaranteed best results.

When Will I Get Pregnant? Astrological Predictions

When Will I Get Pregnant? Astrological Predictions, Conceiving a baby is a proud and virtuous moment for a woman. Apart from medical and biological factors, you should know about astrological predictions for overcoming hurdles in your way of getting pregnant.

Improving the fertility, correct hours of sexual union, and eradicating diseases help you get pregnant fast and conceive a healthy baby. Even you can decide the gender.

Let’s check some predictions which can help you get pregnant quickly;

  • A woman who is trying for a baby should be stress-free, in good health and eat wholesome, nutritious food.
  • Regular intake of amla juice removes harmful toxins from the body.
  • Fill your life with joy and laughter to boost the energy of Mars.
  • Meditate and recite suitable mantras to Lakshmi, Shashti, Uma, Lord Shiva, Baal-Gopal, Chakrasamvara-Vajravarahi in the morning.
  • Care for birds and animals, especially cows and dogs.
  • Care for the elderly and the needy.
  • Start eating Chiku, grapes, and apples regularly.
  • Try copulating between 3:00 am and 5:00 am, the ‘Brahma Muhuratham’ which is considered to be the most beautiful time for having a baby
  • Fast and donate yellow items like lentils and banana every Thursday.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and taking green chilies.
  • Before sleeping, have some ajwain (carom seeds).
  • Avoid having sex on Ekadashi, full moon, new moon, solar and lunar eclipse days.
  • You cannot copulate on the first three days of the woman’s periods.

If you open-heartedly apply the afore-mentioned tricks in your life you can achieve expected and better results.

Astrological Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant

Astrological Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant, Many women are baffled about not getting pregnant. Despite many attempts and regular check-ups, they meet with repeated failures. There can be physical, spiritual, and astrological factors which are coming in the way of conceiving a baby.

There can be any of the below-mentioned reasons for not getting pregnant;

  • The 5th, 9th, and 11th houses of a woman’s horoscope are weak. The malefic effects of Saturn Mars, Rahu, and Ketu on the woman make her physically weak and unfit for pregnancy.
  • There can be vast, pita, Kapha (tridosha) doshas in the parents, making pregnancy problematic.
  • In case of mismatch between Jupiter and Mars, a man’s fluids don’t turn up well-creating troubles in pregnancy.
  • When Mars, Shani, Moon, and Jupiter are harmful, and the 5th, 6th, and 7th houses are weak for a man, he suffers from low sperm count.
  • Negative Mars, Jupiter, and Venus make the would-be parents eat foods that pose a threat to conception.
  • A weak 5th house and unyielding behavior for a woman obstruct conceiving.
  • The satisfaction of a woman during sexual intercourse is highly needed for making her pregnant.
  • Gas and acidity issues and too much fat are also great concerns.
  • When Mars is weak due to excessive stress and unhappiness, the chances of getting pregnant are less.
  • If the ishta is not worshipped regularly, there will be problems in getting pregnant.

You can always rectify the afore-mentioned reasons with relevant astrological help for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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