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Astro Remedies To Improve Financial Status
Astro Remedies To Improve Financial Status

Astro Remedies To Improve Financial Status

Astro Remedies To Improve Financial Status or astrological remedies for financial problems can be use to totke for financial growth. We will provide you financial astrology predictions by date of birth to improve financial status.

Astro Remedies To Improve Financial Status
Astro Remedies To Improve Financial Status

Astro remedies to improve financial status solve all your monetary problems. They will also ensure that your money stays with you forever.

Hence, Consider These Remedies;

  • Since Saturn is a malefic planet, it can increase your financial problems. As such, you should chant a suitable mantra to appease Saturn. You should also pray to it regularly to ward off monetary issues in your life.
  • Again, you should keep your locker in the South or South-West direction of your house. As you open it in the North direction, it will attract money for you. You can also place a mirror in front of the locker. Keep a Kuber yantra on a red cloth at the place of worship.
  • You should also treat the women respectfully. Besides, you should pray to Maa Lakshmi twice a day. Again, donate some of your income every month. You should also donate ‘white.’ Also, worship Tulsi tree with a lighted diya. Apply saffron tilak on your forehead every day after bath. By all these you will earn Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings.
  • Furthermore, you should feed grass to cows every Wednesday. Again, de-clutter your house from broken utensils. Women of the house should throw a pot of water at the main entrance to attract wealth.
  • You can also recite Shri Shukla mantra for 16 times, Mahalakshmi Ashtakam for 11 times, and Narshima Lakshmi Karavalamban Stotra every day.

Thus, you can improve your finances adequately with astro remedies to improve financial status.

Astro Remedies For Financial Problems

Astro Remedies For Financial Problems, Despite best efforts, you can suffer from monetary issues. Hence, you should apply astro remedies for financial problems.

In This Regard, Consider These Remedies;

  • Begin this ritual from Diwali. Visit a temple on barefoot. Then, light a ghee lamp and strong incense in front of the idol. Also, offer Her sweets. Finally, pray to Goddess Lakshmi with a clean and pure heart. You will earn Her blessings.
  • Again, to appease Goddess Lakshmi, you should pray every Friday night. Light 9 pure desi ghee lamps at your workplace and in your home. Also, you can do this twice a day. You should also recite Shree Shuktam mantra for 16 times. Besides, treat women with respect. Donate a portion of your income to the poor every month. Also, donate ‘white’ objects in charity. Again, after a bath, apply saffron tilak on your forehead.
  • For growth in your business, you should faithfully perform this remedy. Cut five lemons and take some black pepper and yellow mustard seeds. Now, keep them in your office. Do this on a Sunday. The next day, throw them in an unknown place after that return home without looking back.
  • Furthermore, take one and ¼ meter of white cloth and five roses. Now, tie four roses at each corner and the 5th one in the center. Afterward, throw it in the holy Ganga water. It will remove your debts.

Hence, when you follow the astro remedies for financial problems, you will improve your situation fast.

Totke For Financial Growth

Totke for financial growth is easy to follow. Moreover, it can solve all your monetary worries. It will also guarantee financial stability in your life.

Accordingly, Try This Totke;

  • Clean your office premises with gomutra. Then, draw a swastika with saffron or turmeric paste. Then, place chana dal with jaggery on it. Finally, light a ghee lamp. Do this remedy every Thursday.
  • Again, throw an empty pitcher in a water body every Wednesday. You should do it for six consecutive Wednesdays. However, you should not break the cycle until the six days get completed. You can even keep an iron pot filled with water near your pillow. The next morning throw away the water. However, ensure that nobody touches it or drinks water from it.
  • You should also donate poori bhaji to the poor people for 11 Saturdays. However, begin this ritual on the 1st Saturday of Shukla Paksha. It will ensure a steady flow of money in your life.
  • Again, pray to Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva every day. You should also pray to Maa Lakshmi every Friday night. Light a diya and incense to please the Gods. Very soon, your problems will disappear. Regular praying will fetch you prosperity and monetary growth.
  • Another way to attract wealth is to remove rusty metals and broken utensils and objects from your office and home. They only draw negative energy towards you. Hence, you should discard them immediately.

Therefore, you will find the totke for financial growth beneficial.

Financial Astrological Predictions By Date of Birth

Financial Astrological Predictions By Date of Birth, Economic astrological predictions by date of birth can help you to formulate yourself. You can also overcome your financial crunches.

In This Regard, Consider These Facts;

  • You should judge the triad of wealth in your horoscope. The 2nd, 6th, and 11th houses make this triad. Jupiter and Moon should be present in the 2nd, 9th, and 11th Even the Lords of these houses should be in the right positions.
  • Again, your 8th house indicates personal gains — the 8th house points towards inherited property, legacies and donations. You should also study the triad of the 8th house – 4th, 8th, and 12th
  • The moon as the 7th Lord resides in the 2nd When this happens, it will help you get back your lost money. You can also earn riches when the 10th and 11th Lords are in good conjunction. Again, sun should occupy the 5th house. It should be identical to its sign and Jupiter.
  • Furthermore, Venus and Saturn should aspect Mercury. Again, Saturn and Mercury should aspect Venus. Moon, Venus, and Saturn aspect Mars in Aries and Scorpio. Also, planets in the 2nd house from the Moon increases self-acquired wealth.
  • However, you should take care of your 12th It has adverse effects on your wealth. Also, it indicates your expenditure. The malefic planets can afflict it. It can also place itself carelessly in the 8th house.

Therefore, you should learn about the financial astrological predictions by date of birth.

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