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business astrology by date of birth
business astrology by date of birth

Business Astrology By Date Of Birth

Business Astrology By Date Of Birth, Young people grow up with a lot of ambitions. Some wish to find a good job and build a career on it. Some nurse ambitions of starting a business and build wealth.

These do not include those who hail from traditional family businesses, who may have very little option apart from joining the family business. But, for the thousands of young men and women who have the choice to pick a job or a business as their future course of action.

business astrology by date of birth
business astrology by date of birth

it’s a dilemma. But there may be a way out for them if they place their belief in astrology. There is business astrology by date of birth based on which a good astrologer can predict if business will suit an individual or not. This is done keeping the date of birth of the individual.

How is the Birth Date Connected to Astrology?

For those who have no background information on this, astrology, at least in the Indian context, is an ancient science. The intellectuals in those days, thousands of years ago had the knowledge to study the position of the different planets that rotate around the earth and their impact on the happenings down here.

Lucky business by date of birth

And those born on a particular day and place and time carry with them certain characteristics that they will continue to have throughout their lives. The details of the planetary positions, drawn in a certain prescribed format, is the individual’s horoscope.

And this document which is created at the time of the person’s birth is good enough for an astrologer to read and analyse at any point in the person’s life.

Such a study or analysis, if properly done, can reveal the kind of career the individual will shine in. This is how business astrology by date of birth works.

Basic Attributes Required to Succeed in Business

Here, the mention of business is made as opposed to a job or career. When a person chooses to work for or under someone, many different aspects come into play.

Though there may be ups and downs, over a period of time it all evens out and the person reaches a position and has a steady and even a settled life. But when it comes to business, there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration. Some of them can be listed here:

Astrology for business success

    1. Money: To start and run any business, however small, funds are needed and if the person does not succeed in the business, that money can be lost. And if the funds were borrowed, it adds a lot of additional stress. The person’s horoscope will reveal if he or she will be lucky with the money part in their lives.
    2. Mental Ability: Again, going back to a job, even if a person is not good at his/her work there will be others to guide and make decisions etc. But a person engaged in business, that kind of a luxury does not exist. As the cliche goes, ‘the buck stops here’. The individual must be capable of making decisions on his/her own. And that too, these decisions must be made quickly and correctly. Delay in making decisions and taking the wrong ones can ruin the business. An astrologer can read the individual’s horoscope, built on his date of birth to confirm if the person has such strong decision-making capabilities.
  1. Temperament: While running a business, you will have to employ a lot of people. You will be required to deal with many other stakeholders, like the customers, government authorities and so on. Even a minor incident of a nature where you misbehave with any one of these can have implications for the business. This is yet another personal trait of human beings which can be read through his/her horoscope.

Type of Business to be Pursued

When it comes to business astrology by date of birth you may be surprised to know what more the horoscope can reveal. One of them is what kind of business will suit you. When these techniques in astrology were written many centuries ago a number of businesses were not known. Information technology, for example, was not heard of till around 40 years back.

But the ancient texts linked to astrology do mention many things very indirectly. Sometimes it may describe “a business where a large number of people are employed in finding or creating something”.

These will be very generic in the wordings but can be interpreted to suit a business that has a close resemblance. Some words like metal business or leather or money lending etc. are mentioned.

Your astrologer is the ultimate authority to make the right kind of pointers taken out from the birth date-based horoscope. But you will have to locate the best astrologer.

Some Planets Have More Influence- free indian career astrology by date of birth

Within astrology, as practiced in India, there are specific planets that can have an influence on business while others may not. The planet Mercury is repeatedly mentioned when talking about business. As mentioned, the horoscope or the birth chart has a drawing showing the planetary positions and the squares in it are numbered.

These are called positions. Now, where a particular planet is placed at the time of a person’s birth has the correct indication on the different factors discussed above. Similarly, some planets sitting in the wrong position can have an adverse impact as well. Saturn is one such planet which is always studied with great caution by the astrologers.

To add a word of caution here, these planetary positions keep changing after some time. Through a person’s life, these planetary changes, affecting them, can take place a few times. The astrologer you consult with will be able to tell exactly how such movements in the planets can affect you and your business. In all this, you have to have the belief that astrology is a reliable science and that what the astrologer suggests can happen. Sometimes, if there are bad times indicated ahead, the astrologer may not reveal the whole picture. He may just say “be cautious in making decisions” and that should give the hint that things can go bad.

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