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Mantra For Good Relationship With Brother
Mantra For Good Relationship With Brother

Mantra For Good Relationship With Brother

Mantra for good relationship with brother this is a special type of vashikaran mantra that use to control family members. Using this vashikaran mantra you can easy to control brother and keep good relationship with brother.

Mantra for a good relationship with brother Mantra on an excellent relationship with brother Rohit and Sahil were both brothers. Their dad was working in the banking sector; mom was a housewife. Rohit was seven years younger than Sahil. In spite of this, Rohit was earning more than Sahil. Rohit was 20sh, and Sahil was 27sh. Sahil made a lot of mistakes in life due to which he was far behind in his career.

Mantra For Good Relationship With Brother
Mantra For Good Relationship With Brother

Whereas for Rohit parents were less strict and somehow let him behave arrogantly and freely which is why he was more opinionated about his choices. Also, he had an example of Sahil about career choices. In addition to that, his parents were more advanced compared to there were at the time of Sahil. So he got more advantage of parents. Furthermore, Sahil too used to teach him lots of stuff to make him wise. He got his first direction right and straight.

Their mom was more supportive of Rohit. Which, sometimes had resulted as an unfair treatment for Sahil. And she didn’t care as far as she doesn’t turn out to be too rude. She also used to rationalize her behavior in weird ways.

Sahil used to get frustrated. The root of all problems was his brother. Somebody suggested getting a mantra for a good relationship with the brother. He wasn’t sure whether he should opt for it or not.

But since childhood only, he was raised in a spiritual and religious environment. And he had a knack of various prayers. So thought of opting for mantra for a good relationship with a brother from a well-known astrologer who knew astrology.

Vashikaran Mantra To Control Family Members

He went to the astrologer. Told him everything. He said to him that he plays the game at home and disturbs Sahil by talking, cheering with other players. And his mom used to ask Sahil to adjust and go in another room, which according to armada was a wrong behavior of asking HIM to fix. Also, Rohit used to get to drive the four-wheeler vehicle at home although Sahil got license earlier than him.

Dad was behaving irrationally saying he drives more safely than Sahil whereas it was just a mindset of his. When Sahil used to drive in speed, he used to tell your driving is rash. When Sahil drive slowly, he says, drive faster when Sahil himself is saying that he doesn’t have that much confidence. In addition to that, he is unlikely to teach Sahil driving because he says slow driving makes the vehicle consume more fuel.

Listening to all this astrologer said the problem is all of your family members. You should first try vashikaran mantra to control family members. He gave the following vashikaran mantra to Sahil.

‘Udukadimba maha nagimba

Uru yatha bhe makatam chamatva

Sadha kudomi shmapa bhuromi

Name same hey samapa karotu’

Astrologer asked him to go to Bajarangbali mandir every day at 7 am. And chant this vashikaran mantra to control family members 100 times. Also, perform five suryanamaskara in the front Bajarangbali idol.

Make sure face is towards the east side. And he instructed Sahil not to eat anything before he is done with it. It was fasting for Sahil because he had a habit of eating early in the morning.

Mantra To Control Brother

Sahil also used to get into arguments with brother on various aspects. Like the temperature of the air conditioner machine, how fast a fan has to be, keyboard strokes sound of Rohit when Sahil is sleeping. Sahil used to annoyed merely because it was the sound due to Rohit playing the game continuously on the computer. Had he been working, he would not have minded at all.

Rohit also used to behave with an attitude with Sahil. Once Rohit had brought iPhone 7 from one of his friends. Sahil started learning how iPhone works because he had never used the iPhone. He or anyone in his close relations had never used iPhone. All were Android users.

Furthermore, Sahil was using the laptop of the apple company. And apple company ecosystem was something he was interested to know about. It was difficult for him to sync android with his notebook. So he was thinking of buying an iPhone in the future.

So he asked Rohit to give him the phone, to check the functionality. And the iPhone had a screen lock. Rohit was watching a movie on his computer. He said I would give you later. There was no reason other than his film. But still, he postponed.

These were the reasons Sahil thought he needed mantra to control brother. He went to the astrologer. Astrologer listened to him, and he gave Sahil the following mantra to control brother.

‘Maha divyanti pujyante

Namo mahi virajate

Karo duhyami kurvante

Bhujo bhagne karomi waha’

Astrologer instructed him to use it on every Friday at 3 pm. The astrologer told him to chant this 50 times facing north-east direction.

Vashikaran Mantra For Brother

Sahil got happy that the astrologer gave him the vashikaran mantra for brother. He thought now he can control his brother and his brother, Rohit would behave the way Sahil want him to. And there would be fewer disputes in the family and sahil’s life would get more comfortable too.

Sahil started doing it every Friday. Sahil used to go to the office. The office was almost 1 hour away from his house. 3 pm is odd timing for Sahil as it was just after the lunch hour, which would turn out to be a procrastinator if Sahil goes out that point of time?

So Sahil started getting the lunch hour break a bit late. Instead of 1, he used to take it around 2:30 or so. So that after his lunch, before his lunch hour ends, he can go and chant the vashikaran mantra for brother, as instructed by the astrologer.

A place where he had to stand was weird too. As their office had no terrace, he had to go to the parking space at his office. And used to be hot there. While sweating furious, he used to chant the mantra. The only people apart from car owners that used to come there were smokers.

But in canteen itself, there was a smoking zone due to which most of the smokers used to smoke there itself. Very rarely smoking individuals used to come in the parking lot. So Sahil used to look like an odd man out. But that eventually yield a result for him. His brother Rohit started behaving normally and according to his wish.

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