Mantra to Make Someone Miss You Badly 5/5 (12)

Mantra to Make Someone Miss You Badly
Mantra to Make Someone Miss You Badly

Mantra to Make Someone Miss You Badly

Strong Mantra to Make Someone Miss You Badly- Been unlucky in love? The person you loved is no longer reciprocating your feelings? Your happy relationship is going through a rough patch and your partner is avoiding you? The solution to all such problems can be found in the mantra to make someone miss you badly.

People give up on love in the face of troubles. Nobody can handle stress very well. Some see troubles and choose to walk in the opposite direction. At the time, they may find it the rational thing to do, but basically, it is because they are scared. With the mantra to make someone miss you badly, you can force the person to return to you and bring back the lost love in your relationship.

Mantra to Make Someone Miss You Badly
Mantra to Make Someone Miss You Badly

Often when time passes, relationships get caught up in the necessities of life. When Both partners get involved in making a living, one usually gets bored. They seeks elsewhere for new meaning and purpose. This is a temporary phase of detachment. But one begins to believe that love has faded away from the relationship. By using the mantra to make someone miss you badly, you can rekindle the lost love and restore joy and happiness in your relationship.


You can use the Akarshan Mantra to get someone to love you back. “Rudrayamala Tantra” known as  very powerful Vashikaran spell.

|| Om namo namo bhagvati mangaleshwari sarvasukhraaji nisarvaghar maatangi kumari kela ghula ghuvash kuru kuruswaha ||

Rudraya mala Tantra sets the premise of the ritual based on the story of union between Rudra and his Sakti (Spiritual Energy). If performed accurately, this mantra to make someone miss you badlywill bind the person you desire to you for life. One will not be able to think beyond you. Your presence will be the source of joy and happiness for this person.

The ritual for the mantra to make someone miss you badly, is very specific and has no way around.

  1. First and foremost, is attaining mastery over the Akarshan Mantra. Given above mantra can be chanted for 11 days at least 1008 times in a day.
  2. To do the mantra to make someone miss you badly, you need to pick the darkest night or the second fortnight of the month to perform this ritual. As per the Hindu Calendar, this is likely to be the 4th or 6th day of the Krushna Paksh.
  3. Fast for the entire day. During the daytime, fetchSahedevi plant and uproot it along with its roots.
  4. Chop the roots of the plant, grind it to make a paste out of it.
  5. Now, apply the paste on a betel leaf and chew it, like you would eat a “paan” (betel leaf).
  6. Mix Gorochana into the Sahadevi root paste and grind it together. First need to bath your bath head after paste this “Tilak” on your forehead. This would make you irresistible to anyone and everyone.
  7. Alternatively, you can apply the paste on the forehead of the person you desire and make him compelled to return to you.

Mantra to make someone think of you

The Vashikaran Mantras are like fire. It can provide light to the house or burn down the house. How efficiently it is handled that  outcome depends entirely conditions. Especially, in case of the mantra to make someone think of you, you must be absolutely sure that you need the person to fall for you. The Vashikaran Mantras work in a way like possessing the mind, body, and soul of the targeted person. Such a person then will be entirely in your control. But on the flip-side these kinds of mantras, especially the mantra to make someone think of you can hardly ever be reversed.

The Best approach would be to consult an Expert Vashikaran Astrologer. Talk to the Astrologer and share your situation then ask for an appropriate solution. The Astrologer will gauge your specific requirement and accordingly advice you on how to use the mantra to make someone miss you badly.

Mantra to make him fall in love with me

If you have been sincere in your love and have never wished ill for your partner. If your partner also used to be in love but is now away due to troubles in the relationship, then you can get the partner back in your life. Use the mantra to make him fall in love with me with all your heart and pray for your partner’s return. Soon, your partner will be back in your arms.

There are many theories around love. Some people may said that let the loved one be free and not force to stay together. There are also some theories that suggest, fight for your love and relationships. These theories are basically, experiences of different individuals. They are not God’s Commandments. As long as you don’t intend harm on any soul, whichever way you choose is the right way for you. So, go forth and reclaim your love.


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