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Mantra To Remove Bad Karma And Sins
Mantra To Remove Bad Karma And Sins

Mantra To Remove Bad Karma And Sins

Mantra To Remove Bad Karma And Sins can be use to relieve from all types of sins and for forgiveness of sins. you may use mantra to remove bad luck for proper solution.

Karma. A small word with a vast meaning and impact. What is karma? Karma is an act or performance performed by a human, either it is a good deed or an evil deed. At the day of judgment, all your karmas get counted. According to them, either you go to hell or heaven.

Mantra To Remove Bad Karma And Sins
Mantra To Remove Bad Karma And Sins

A human does not have or does not know about his/her deeds or karmas; we humans do not have any list or record of our karmas. But God has, God has prepared all the documents of our sins and good deeds. That is why he judges us on the day of our judgment.

In Hindu mythology and Vedic Science & Astrology, it has given that if a person takes bathe in the holy river of Ganges, then all his/her sins get washed away. In our Vedic Books, it described that Holy River Ganges is the most sacred river which flows in India. Ganga is the only river which we can wash our sins away.

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Now some of you may ask if we are not able to visit the place where Ganga is flowing then, what can we do apart from it? Is there any other way to wash our sins?

Yes, there are other ways too by which you can wash your sins away from you. There are some mantras describe in our holy books such as Vedas, Puranas. Where our saints told us we could remove our sins by chanting some mantras if we are not able to visit Haridwar

Mantra To Relieve From All Types Of Sins

Mantra To Relieve From All Types Of Sins, Bad karma and sins get remove. There are plenty of methods describe in our holy books, Vedas and Puranas. Some of them are remedies; some are mantras.

There is a remedy from which every Hindu is aware, go and take bathe in the holy river of Ganges, Ganga will wash away all your sins and bad karma.

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But many of times, people asked if they are not able to visit the places where Ganga is flowing then what they can do? For them, we have some other options. To those people today we are going to suggest some mantras, with the help of these mantras you can remove your sins.

All you need to chant these mantras with all from your heart and concentration until you will see the positive results. Recite this mantra for At least three times in a day; it gives below:

||Karaagre Vaaste Lakshmih

Karmadhaye Saraswati,

Karamule Tu Govindah

Prabhaate Kara Darshanam||


  • Recite this mantra for At least 40 times in a day, it mentions below:



  • Recite Om mantra


This mantra will give you positive vibes so that all the negative vibes and energy will get remove from inside you. It not only provide positive vibes to your heart and soul but also give those vibes to your home as well, by which you will feel the presence of peace and calmness with good positive vibes at your home.

Mantra To Remove Bad Luck

Mantra To Remove Bad Luck, Have you ever think about why it has always you? Why all the bad stuff happens with you? Do you suffer from all those unfortunate incidents & accidents? Will all those unfortunate calamities occur in your life?

It is because your luck is terrible. When the chance of a person is wrong, then all such stuff happens. No one decides these happenings, but they occur due to your bad luck. People may wish you all the best or good luck or best of chance, but those wishes never work, until or unless you have a stroke of actual good luck.

People with good fortune has good luck, but unfortunates have only bad luck no matter how much they try to work hard put their efforts give 100 percent consume their time and money and in the end, the conclusion is nil. Many times people lose their hope & strength because of their bad luck. They tried hard to get a better chance, a better life, but nothing works in their life, not even hard work & money.

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It is possible that you are working hard but not able to achieve anything. Instead, you might end up losing everything due to bad fortune. In Astrology and Vedas, there are some mantras describe by which you can remove your bad luck.

  • Chant Lakshmi Mantra

||Om NamoAlukRajaya Laxmi VahanayaDurbhagyaNaashNaya Mam SoubhagyaVridhiVridhi Kuru KuruShreemHreemKleemSwaha||Recite this mantra for at least 108 times in a day.

Mantra For Forgiveness Of Sins

Mantra For Forgiveness Of Sins, Sins can happen by anyone, some do this, but some of them do not even aware that they are doing any wrongdoing, and some people do not have any intention of doing any sin, but it happens from them.

If you are performing any sin with your intentions, so quit the idea because it is not a good idea to hurt any other person for the sake of your happiness. Always do good deeds with others then only god will help you and makes your fortune suitable.

“Do well get good.”

This proverb is may short, but it has a significant meaning. Which mean always do good to others then only good things will come to you and happens to you. Try to avoid all your evil deeds or your bad habits because these bad habits and deeds get adds in your sins, which makes your fortune bad.

  • How to ask for forgiveness?

Always show your gratitude towards god whenever a good thing happens to you and always apologetic for your sins, for anything wrong that has done by your end.




Subra VasthraamSuusiSmithaam



SivaayaiDhakshaayai Amrut Aaya


Chant this mantra at least five times a day in a row. Try to chant this mantra while you take bathe in the holy river Ganges. It will help you to the forgiveness you asked God for your sins.

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