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Spell To Attract Customers To Your Business
Spell To Attract Customers To Your Business

Spell To Attract Customers To Your Business

Spell To Attract Customers To Your Business or to grow your business can be use to increase sales in your business. If you want to sell/close a business then we will provide you a strong spell for it.

Spell To Attract Customers To Your Business
Spell To Attract Customers To Your Business

Spell to attract customers to your business rescues you from the financial crunch. Moreover, you can increase your profits.

Accordingly, Try These Spells;

  • You should perform a ritual outside your regular business hours at your workplace. Now, light up one beeswax candle. Also, dim the lights and meditate quietly for 10 minutes. Then, watch the flame and actively focus on your business. Carefully let go of negative thoughts. Next, put one business card, three gold coins and one red ribbon in a mason jar. Then, chant the spell. Finally, close it tightly. Also, snuff out the candle. Later, hide the jar and the candle somewhere in the workplace.
  • Again, spread some salt in a clockwise direction to form your altar. You can also use flower petals and pebbles. Then, keep one green candle, one small coin, a little seedling, a jar and a mixture of 3 grains of incense, rosemary, rue or lavender within your altar. Now, light the candle and charcoal. On a vegetable parchment paper write your wish. Then, pass it three times through the candle flame. Every time throw incense grain and a seed on the charcoal. Afterward, keep it in a pot and cover it with earth and plant the seedling. Again, draw a little character on a bit of lamp. Pour some honey and light it. Finally, collect the salt anti-clockwise. Buy all the ingredients in the ground.

Therefore, you should use a spell to attract customers to your business.

Spell To Grow Your Business

Spell To Grow Your Business, You should implement the right strategies to grow your business and take it to a higher level. For this reason you can cast a spell to grow your business.

As Such, Consider These Spells;

  • Walk around your workplace in a clockwise direction from the main entrance. Hold one large cluster of amethyst and one aventurine piece in your right hand. Also, use your left hand to scatter some grains of rice on the window ledges. Simultaneously focus on how to improve your business. As you arrive at the starting point recite the Angel invocation. Then, tie a green ribbon to your telephone. Again, tie a red ribbon to your cashbook. Finally, keep the amethyst at your workstation and the aventurine in your wallet.
  • Again, steep some bladderwrack in hot water. You can also use yellow dock root and goldenseal root. Now, strain the liquid on cooling. Use it to mop the floors and wash the windows. Sprinkle the remaining liquid in the doorway of your office. Later, sprinkle some marjoram leaves in each room. Place Irish moss under the rug or in your purse. Next, place a green handkerchief on your altar. Sprinkle finance sachet powder. Now, fill a smudge pot with business and finance incense and cedar chips. Write your wishes on M-8 Schemhamphoras seal. Cover it with an AI candle. Place Saint Pancracio Medal next to it. Finally, cast your spell.

Thus, you can effectively use any powerful spell to grow your business.

Spell To Sell/Close A Business

Spell To Sell/Close A Business, You can gain financial freedom with any spell to sell/close a business. Again, sometimes, you can take revenge on your rivals. Hence, you should use this simple yet effective trick.

As Such, Learn These Spells;

  • First, go outside in the open. Then, think of your rival with hatred. Also, think of the time when you started hating him. Now, chant your spell. Repeat it 3 times. This is a simple yet powerful ritual to defeat your enemy.
  • Again, take a black gentleman and lady candle. Then, mix your destruction oil with hoodoo and conjure anointing oil. Then, write out Psalm 59 on a paper. Dust some Destruction Sachet powder and pray. Also, read aloud the Psalm. Light some incense and burn it with some black dog hair. Fill the envelope with the smoke and deliver the letter.
  • Furthermore, you can cast a voodoo spell. You can also keep it as a charm. Again, set it on your computer at the workstation. Before you start your day at the office use it to ensure that you get success and prosperity. This is yet another simple spell.
  • Besides, you place precious stones in a glass jar. When nobody is around you, take it outside. Also, stay in front of the entrance of your place. Now, open the jar’s lid and cast your spell. Then, walk around the area with the open jar. Finally, hide it.

Therefore, you should use a spell to sell/close a business.

Spells To Increase Sales In Your Business

Spells To Increase Sales In Your Business, You should create an inviting atmosphere to attract sales. In this respect, use spells to increase sales in your business.

As Such, Follow These Spells;

  • Do this spell during the period from waxing moon to the full moon. Also, do it on Thursdays or Saturdays. Now, take a golden candle and a dark green candle. Anoint them with patchouli and orange oils. Then, keep the green one on the left and the golden one on the right side. Light them and loudly express your desire. Visualize the positive outcome. Later, let them burn out.
  • Again, take nine pecans and slowly eat them without the shells. Simultaneously, visualize your wishes. Then, put the shells in a green pouch. Now, hide them safely at your desk.
  • Besides, take a square aluminum foil. Now, crumble three bay leaves on it. Also, add 7 pennies and cinnamon powder. Then, make a ball out of the foil. Finally, place it inside your cash register. You can even keep it beside your computer.
  • Furthermore, layout a large black cloth at your workplace. Now, set 4 green candles on each of its corners. Light them up. Then, hold a handful of corn kernels above the cloth. Open your hand and let the kernels fall. Chant your spell and ring a brass bell. Finally, put out the candles and save the kernels in a bowl.

Therefore, you should use powerful spells to increase sales in your business.

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