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Mantra to Save Broken Marriage
Mantra to Save Broken Marriage

Mantra to Save Broken Marriage

The Mantra to Save Your Broken Marriage Will Work Only When Performed Wholeheartedly – Traditionally, marriages in India are intended to make a man and his wife, soul mates with unshakeable commitment to each other. With industrialization and urbanization many of the traditional bonds of marriage are increasingly coming under stress. In traditional marriages, where the man is the overtly dominant partner, the chances of a break-up are almost non-existent. That’s mainly because the wife literally has no choice but to go along with whatever her marriage offers. In urban areas, that kind of ‘one way traffic’ has been replaced by a growing number of separations – both legal as well as illegal. If you are in a similar situation and don’t want to lose your partner, try the mantra to save your broken marriage.

Mantra to Save Broken Marriage
Mantra to Save Broken Marriage

Why you need such a mantra

Such a mantra is needed by all level-headed and reasonable couples separated by circumstances more than by any intractable differences between them. Both you and your partner are well-intentioned individuals who understand that the family is vital for your lineage to survive and grow. More than any other consideration, you believe that you must save your marriage from breaking up due to frivolous reasons, like minor disagreements about the role either of you will play in the relationship. In such a situation if your wife is being too combative and has gone away to stay with her parents till you decide on the matter, you have to deal with the situation.

Mantra to remove problems in marriage

The other option is to consult a renowned astrologer and seek his/her guidance about what you should be doing to save your marriage from breaking up. You wife is a modern Indian woman, is not as vulnerable as women from the villages and is perfectly capable of taking care of herself without you. In such circumstances, what is the best course of action? If you have ego then she too has it and this isn’t allowing either one of you to see reason. It means there’s something wrong with how both of you are analyzing the situation. A reliable and experienced astrologer will tell you the precise mantra to save your broken marriage.

Influence of the five universal elements or ‘Panchatatva’

As per Hindu tradition, the universe is made of the five core elements – earth, water, fire, air and space and these elements have a profound effect on humans. For instance, your conduct is determined by the interplay of these elements in your immediate environment and there is very little or nothing that you can do about it on your own. Around 70% of the human body comprises of water making it highly instable and prone to the influence of these elements. It is the astrologers who understand how these elements function and the impact of these functions on human behaviour.

Mantra for marriage problems

They also have the antidote for the negative impact of these elements on humans and they suggest the remedies accordingly. Scores of people have benefitted from the guidance and suggestions of the astrologers who map your immediate and distant environment in relation to the difficulties you are facing. These astrologers know how to balance the influence of the elements that cause the waves in your cosmic environment. Marital disorders are the result of such turmoil in your cosmic environment and hence you require a special mantra to save your broken marriage.

Impact of Doshas from your past life on your marital life

According to Hindu tradition, your deeds from your past life have a definite bearing on your present life. If you are wondering whether there is a way out of such Doshas from your past life, then rest assured, there is indeed a way out of such a problem. If your astrologer finds that your actions from your past life has caught up with you and is threatening your marriage, s/he may recommend a few mantras that ease out the turbulence from your marital life. Make sure you go to a renowned astrologer because they are the only ones who are reliable.

Mantra to Save Broken Marriage
Mantra to Save Broken Marriage

The reason is that they become renowned only after people found their mantras to be really effective in resolving their issues. In other words, they are tried and tested enough for you to rely on them to get you out of the marital deadlock you find yourself in. You must remember not to hide or distort any specific information about your spouse and yourself that the astrologer may ask. It’s not some kind of voodoo or witchcraft that these astrologers practice; they follow a scientific methodology where the five elements making up our universe, have a role to play. The mantra to save your broken marriage essentially deals with this aspect of your life.

Perform the mantra wholeheartedly

One vital recommendation from the astrologers in this respect is that you also must be ready to make a few mental adjustments. The days of ‘one way traffic’ relationships between a man and his wife are behind us. In an increasingly industrialized and urbanized society where human individualism plays out in different ways, women are breaking through the so-called glass ceiling and claiming a bigger stake in the society. Therefore, as a modern day man, you must shed all your hang-ups about the traditional role of man in society and learn to adjust with the new reality.

Even if you don’t consult an astrologer, the mantra to save your broken marriage is there for you to chant if you want to but remember it’s not a standalone remedy. It’s known as the Vashikaran Mantra but don’t assume that it’s all that easy to perform because merely chanting it won’t change your situation. Your own conduct is important for the mantra to work on you and your spouse. If you’re under the impression that you will chant this mantra and gain control over your spouse be it your wife in case you’re a man or your husband if you’re a woman, then you could end up disappointed. These are serious matters that only the experts know how to handle and so you should leave it to them. Just make sure that you go to a renowned astrologer and thereafter, follow the recommendations wholeheartedly.


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